Time wasting and diving some of the issues
LaLiga Santander games see between three and five minutes of action less than all of the other four major European leagues.
There is just 50 minutes and 57 seconds of action in Spain, while in Ligue 1 they play 55:41, in Serie A 54:30, in the Premier League 54:15 and in the Bundesliga 53:26.
Manuel Pellegrini had a possible explanation after Real Betis‘ draw against Cadiz last Friday, when he named potential solutions.
“At the meeting of the referees they told us that [LaLiga] is the slowest European league, [as] it takes longer to take a freekick, there is constant simulation and there is a spectacle that we have to take care of,” said the Betis coach.
“We either take care of this or it goes against the spectacle, people pay a ticket for a reason.
“The referees must hurry, the goalkeepers to take the kicks quickly, the throw ins [too], players shouldn’t dive. We have to take care of the spectacle.”
The number of minutes played in LaLiga is at a historical low. The lowest figure on average came in the 2019/20 season, with 51:49 and now it has fallen to 50:57 at this start to the campaign.
Here are three affected parties in this matter and the question is how they can solve this huge issue.
Players: singled out for diving and wasting time in excess during dead balls.
Coaches: referees asked coaches to educate their players and force them to avoid wasting time and diving because that way they constantly interrupt games.
Referees: let the game be played, give more added time when players are wasting time and avoid stopping the game so often.
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