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The NIL rules in college sports are a massive boost for student-athletes. When players transfer to big programs, they usually land massive deals.
After Caleb Williams transferred from Oklahoma to head to USC and reunite with Lincoln Riley, it was no surprise that he landed a big-time NIL deal.
His autographed memorabilia was also made available immediately after making the transfer announcement.
One of Williams’ sponsors is Beats. He made his way to the USC women’s basketball team and offered the Women of Troy a gift as they prepare for the Pac-12 Tournament, giving them headphones in a classy gesture from the Trojans’ new superstar QB.
The former Sooners star is enjoying life in Los Angeles both on and off the field, and it appears that USC athletics is growing in ways which transcend football.
The Trojan women’s team is just 5-12 in Pac-12 play and 12-15 overall, so they will need a marvelous run. The Trojans play UCLA in the first round, so this is a way to get in “game mode” for the Bruins.
As the women’s team prepares for the conference tournament, it is good to know that Williams is backing them.
USC coach Lindsay Gottlieb noticed:
On the football field, Williams has Trojans fans buzzing with excitement. He is a clear Heisman Trophy favorite before even throwing one pass for USC.
Just a few months ago, USC football was an afterthought. Now, the arrivals of Williams, Riley, and a number of other high-profile players have Heritage Hall as the talk of the college football world once again.
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