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The score is currently 1-1
It was honours even after a sensational first day of Ashbourne's Royal Shrovetide, as both the Up'ards and Down'ards were able to score.
The Up'ards took the lead after scoring just before the 6pm cut off. James Lyon goaled the ball at Sturston at 5.32pm after what was a fast-paced an frenetic encounter between the two sides.
But with just minutes of today's game remaining, the Down'ards were able to breakaway and Nathan Harrison then goaled the ball to make it 1-1 at the end of Shrove Tuesday.
Play concluded for Shrove Tuesday, but will resume from 2pm tomorrow when another ball will be turned up into the crowd to restart the action.
The Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday tradition has bounced back from the break enforced by the pandemic.
People have flooded the market town today, with players primed and ready, followers wrapping up warm, and pubs sitting on three-weeks worth of stock to last until the end of play on Wednesday, March 2.
The turn up on each day takes place at 2pm, marking the start of the game, and this will follow a pre-game luncheon in the town's leisure centre, which will be attended by 500 people each day.
The game could run until 10pm, with players forming a giant "hug" to heave the ball towards their chosen goals, which are nearly three miles apart.
Follow our live coverage as we put our huge team of reporters through their paces to keep on top of every minute of the action.
You can follow our live updates on Ashbourne Royal Shrovetide Football 2022 below:
And that's it for Ashbourne's Royal Shrovetide for today.
What a day it has been!
Up'ards take the lead: https://bit.ly/3K7IUKX
Down'ards equalise: https://bit.ly/3ICrXb9
Photo gallery: https://bit.ly/3C2IKBW
And our live updates from all the action: https://bit.ly/3MeZ6vJ
See you all tomorrow for when we will do it all again for Ash Wednesday!
It has been quite a day!
Hulland Ward-based freelance photographer Leigh Hemsil, of LJH Photography was in Ashbourne today to capture the game.
His pictures pick up the action in the afternoon, which saw a slow and steady day of play result in a superb 5.32pm hug goal by James "Monty" Lyon at Sturston.
It was all that was needed to spark a second turn-up, after the goal had been ratified in the Green Man courtyard.
And Nathan Harrison then went on to equalise for the Down'ards with just minutes of the day's play remaining.
Read the full story here.
Down'ards celebrate their equaliser.
The team head to the Green Man to celebrate the equaliser.
The Down'ards have secured a last gasp equaliser in Ashbourne's Royal Shrovetide for 2022.
Nathan Harrison is the hero of the hour to goal the ball for the Down'ards, just hours after James Lyon sensationally scored for the Up'ards.
Read the full story here.
Your Down'ard Shrovetide goal scorer is Nathan Harrison.
What a day for Shrovetide!!!!
Everything has gone dark!
Even Twitter is quiet!!!
Has there been a goal?!??!?!?!?!!?!?
Our reporters say there is a lot of movement heading to Clifton.
Could there be a twist in the tale!
The ball is back in the park.
The distant gleam of the Shrovetide hug looms in menace against the deep dark backdrop of the night sky.
These pictures have bene taken by out reporting team in Ashbourne.
Our reporters are keeping track of the ball as it makes its way around the town centre.
It's in between the flats at the moment.
Our reporters are at the scene as the ball is spotted in play.
The Up'ards are really not giving the Down'ards an easy ride right now.
It's near the fire station, Park Road.
The ball had made its way to High Street and is now outside the Co-op.
After nearly six hours of Shrovetide fun, the ball is back where it all started!
Back at the car park!
Our reporter Faith Pring says she is back with the hug.
She says it is near the memorial gardens.
The ball is rumoured to be in Dig Street, and our reporters are on their way.
The Down'ards are advancing!
Surely there can't be another chance of a goal?????
Our reporters on the ground have lost sight of the ball.
Where is it????
Looking at the official roll of honour for Shrovetide, we have to go back to 2011 to remember the last time a second ball was turned up.
And 2011 turned out to be something of a bonanza year, as Ernie Grant was given the second honour on Shrove Tuesday, following Jim Boden earlier in the day.
Jim's ball went to Down'ard Adrian Webb, and Ernie's ball went to Up'ard Richard Goodall.
Then, on Ash Wednesday, Frank Lomas started proceedings, but his ball was goaled by Simon Betteridge at Clifton.
A second turn-up was made by the late Jim Breeze, only to be goaled at Sturston by Simon Fisher.
So 2022 is the first game in 11 years that has seen a second ball being turned up. Will we see a similar feat being pulled off on Ash Wednesday?


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