The Aggies have started the season 6-2 on the back of dominant pitching and clutch hitting in key situations. They now travel to Frisco, Texas to participate in the Frisco Classic along with Iowa, Wichita State, and Washington State. Friday night, A&M faces the Washington State Cougars at Riders Field at 7 p.m. CT. In the early game on Friday, Wichita State beat Iowa 6-4 as the tournament kicked off.
The Aggies have released their starting lineup and it is as follows:

LF Dylan Rock
1B Jack Moss
3B Trevor Werner
RF Brett Minnich
C Troy Claunch
DH Austin Bost
2B Kole Kaler
CF Logan Britt
SS Kalae Harrison
RHP Nathan Dettmer
RHP Grant Taylor (Washington State) pitching
Dylan Rock flies out to left field
Jack Moss singles to right center
Trevor Werner strikes out swinging, Moss steals second
Brett Minnich strikes out swinging
Kyle Russell grounds out to third
Bryce Matthews grounds out to second
Jacob McKeon grounds out to third
Troy Claunch strikes out looking
Austin Bost strikes out swinging
Kole Kaler bunts foul for the out
Justin Van De Brake infield single to second
Collin Montez hit by pitch, Van De Brake to second
Jack Smith strikes out looking
Kolden walks, Van De Brake to third, Montez to second
Will Cresswell strikes out swinging
Hylan Hall singles to third, Van De Brake scores (1-0), Montez to third, Kolden to second – the play at first was reviewed and confirmed
Russell singles to third, Montez and Kolden score (3-0), Hall to second
Matthews strikes out
Logan Britt pops out to short 
Kalae Harrison strikes out swinging
Rock hit by pitch, steals second, advances to third on a wild pitch
Moss flies out to right
McKeon grounds out to third
Van De Brake singles to left field
Montez strikes out swinging
Smith grounds out to short
Werner – injured during the at bat, Ryan Targac pinch hitting
Targac strikes out swinging
Minnich flies out to left

Claunch strikes out looking
Kolden infield single to third
Cresswell bunt fielder's choice to first, Kolden out at second
Hall double to left, Cresswell to third
Russell singles to left, Cresswell and Hall score (5-0)
Aggies' pitching change – Xavier Lovett
The Aggies are in north Texas for the Frisco Classic along with Wichita State, Iowa, and Washington State
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Matthews single to left, Russell to second
McKeon walks, Russell to third, Matthews to second
Van De Brake hit by pitch, Russell scores (6-0), Matthews to third, McKeon to second
Montez walks, Matthews scores (7-0), McKeon to third, Van De Brake to second
Second Aggies pitching change of the inning – Will Johnston
Smith doubles to right, McKeon and Van De Brake score (9-0), Montez to third
Kolden singles to left, Montez and Smith score (11-0)
Cresswell walks, Kolden to second. steals third
Hall strikes out looking
Russell flies out to center
Bost singles to left
Kaler grounds out to first, Bost to second
Britt flyout to right
Harrison singles to right, Bost scores (11-1), Harrison advances to second on a wild pitch
Rock grounds out to third
Matthews strikes out swinging
McKeon strikes out looking
Van De Brake singles to left
Montez grounds out to first
Moss singles to left center
Cougars pitching change – Kolby Kmetko
Targac flies out to left
Minnich walks, Moss to second
Claunch strikes out
Bost singles to center, Moss scores (11-2), Minnich to third
Kaler strikes out
Smith grounds out to the pitcher
Kolden infield single to short
Cresswell strikes out
Hall grounds out to second
Britt grounds out to first
Ty Hodge strikes out looking
Rock pops out to first
Russell grounds out to short
Matthews grounds out to short
McKeon walks, steals second
Van De Brake walked
Montez strikes out swinging
Taylor Smith singles to left center, advances to second on a wild pitch, advances to third on a fielder's choice, scores (11-3) on a wild pitch
Targac flies out to left
Minnich grounds out to first
Chanden Scamardo strikes out
Smith grounds out to first
Kolden infield single to short
Cresswell strikes out swinging
Hall strikes out swinging
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