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Scoring a hat-trick in football is a tough task.
The vast majority of footballers fo a whole career without scoring three goals in a match.
But some the world’s best goal scorers make netting a hat-trick seem an easy task.
Lionel Messi is one footballer that has taken the match ball home numerous times during his career.
According to MessivsRonaldo.app, Messi has netted 55 hat-tricks during his career so far. Not bad at all.
His 50th hat-trick of his illustrious football career came on February 23, 2019.
Barcelona welcomed Sevilla to Camp Nou for their La Liga clash.
Sevilla took a shock 2-1 lead but Messi went on to show his brilliance, netting a hat-trick as Barcelona won 4-2.
Scoring 50 hat-tricks during your career is a quite incredible achievement. Very few players have managed to do that in football history.
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Footage emerged after the game of Messi being asked about reaching the landmark. His reaction speaks volumes about the Argentine.
The video has gone viral again and you can watch it below…

‘You know that was your 50th hat-trick?’

‘I didn’t know that stat. But well… three more points!’

Some players are obsessed with stats – but Messi’s reaction shows how unselfish he is🔥🔥🔥🔥 pic.twitter.com/oDxZWFsae8
“You know this was your 50th hat-trick?” He is asked on his way to the dressing room.
“Oh, was it?” Messi replied.
“Yes, 50 already. I think it’s six with Argentina and the rest with Barca,” Messi is told.
Messi then responded: “Yeah? I didn’t know that stat. But well… three more points!”
That says a lot about Messi.
He had no knowledge that his hat-trick was so significant. He only cared about his team emerging victorious.
The success of his side, not his only personal achievements, is what is of the utmost importance to him.
It’s videos like this that show Messi is selfless and humble, as well as being arguably the greatest footballer that’s ever lived.
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