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Covering the impact of coronavirus on the sports world
Things change fast in the NFL. One day, you’re among the highest-paid running backs, the next you’re cut and desperate for any shot to keep playing. The example could be applied to former first-round quarterbacks, breakout-turned-broken wide receivers and tight ends who went from scoring touchdowns aplenty to targets unsteady. 
Things change fast in Fantasy Football, too. Players who you may have never heard of or veterans you may have passed over suddenly become regular lineup staples. Dudes who weren’t on the draft radar suddenly become people who help you rack up wins against your friends. These kinds of changes are what separates Fantasy Football from anything else. We crave them, we love them, and we especially like trying to get ahead of them. 
My sleepers for 2022 are all players I expect you’ll find in Round 10 or later. These are the men who, I hope, are the hot names off the waiver wire after the first month of the season. It’s much cooler to draft them rather than add them, however. 
Jamey’s 1.0 Series: Sleepers | Breakouts | Busts
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