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Manchester City extend their lead to six points following their controversial win over Everton. The home side were turned down a blatant penalty in the last minutes of the game, one of which has huge implications both at the bottom and top of the league table. 
The discussion needs to be had and questions need to be asked, for years Premier League officials have been making bad decisions after bad decisions, with no repercussions, despite having a direct impact on teams winning the title and teams getting relegated. 
The introduction of VAR gave the referees a second chance, and the support they clearly needed, but yet here we sit still seeing awful decisions week in week out. Why? 
The VAR officials see the exact same pictures and videos we do, so why are they still not getting it right? There are only two answers for this and neither are positive. It's either incompetence, in which in another job in the world, there would be serious consequences for regular actions, or dare I say it… corruption. 
Today's shocking decision admittedly can be missed by the officials on the pitch, even though it was clear, but it can not be missed by the official in the VAR room, instead, it can be ignored. Why would a Premier League official ignore something so blatant? Maybe this is something that needs taking up with the people in charge.
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What do we want to see as fans? An investigation. Accountability. Answers. We need to know why these calls are being made and why referees can make them without any consequence. The English Premier League also need to first take a page from other leagues' book and microphone up the officials, so we know exactly why they come to the conclusions they do. That is a start. 
The repercussions are not there for the people making the decisions, but they are there for the teams at the wrong end of them. Take today's match as an example. If Manchester City win the league by a couple of points and Everton get relegated by a couple of points, potentially scoring that penalty is the difference between the two major outcomes.
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Yes it's a 38 game season and yes teams could do more in other times of the season, but that does not take away the impact of these calls the officials make. Especially when it keeps happening for and against the same teams. 'It evens itself out' is usually a statement made about decisions, but if you look into it, it doesn't. 
It is easy to just brush this aside and say it's just another normal week in the Premier League, move on. That's not the way the biggest sport in the world should be run in the biggest league in the world. It's not just embarrassing, it's unacceptable. 
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