We have been interviewing several Texas high school football players each week as part of our “Player Spotlights” series. We ask each player, “Why do you love football?” Here are some of their answers from this past month of interviews:

 I grew up around the game of football from just playing backyard football and playing NCAA/Madden. My older brother played in high school and then played at Florida Atlantic University he is a big reason why also.

It gives me a chance to live a life that most dream of.

Going to battle with your brothers every single play.  

Football has played a great place in my life teaching me different lessons that I had to learn without a dad or a role model. It builds great men I can’t wait to teach others the game.

Besides the feeling of accomplishment after a win, there is so much more that we as student-athletes, trainers, and coaches put into the game. We learn so much from football, it teaches us how to work as one, how to control unnecessary emotions, and how to lead and help others. I love football because the amount of effort you put in, is the reward you get out.

So many reasons. It is an adrenaline rush. From the time I watched older kids and then my big brother play, I was dying to play. I’ve always kind of enjoyed getting knocked around too. I love hitting and actually like being hit (most of the time lol). I love making other people miss. I love being around my teammates. I LOVE the feeling of coming from behind and winning!   

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